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Wednesday 20th September 2017

Brexit Articles


Government must pay for impact of Brexit on NHS

24th August 2017

A former top civil servant has said the government my pay for any financial impact of Brexit on the NHS.

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Ex-pat pensioners may cost NHS millions

31st May 2017

Think tank warns pensioners may return to the UK to use the NHS after Brexit.

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Brexit fears prompting EU nurses to desert the UK

28th March 2017

A Freedom of Information request revealed that nearly 3,000 EU nurses left the Nursing and Midwifery Council register in 2016.

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Britons in Spain worried over health care

15th December 2016

British retirees in Spain worried they may lose their free access to Spanish health care as a result of Brexit.

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Brexit bonus for the NHS

22nd September 2016

Andrew Lansley says the NHS should get a £5bn a year Brexit bonus.

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Trusts that are EU reliant

11th July 2016

Analysis by the HSJ has revealed specialist trusts and those in London are most reliant on EU staff.

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Brexit could create extra £900m bill for NHS

4th July 2016

Suppliers putting up prices to protect themselves against weakening pound.

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Brexit risks making staff shortages worse

30th June 2016

Health leaders warn vote to leave EU will make staff shortages in the NHS worse.

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What will Brexit mean for the NHS?

24th June 2016

HSJ's live blog will consider likely implication for the NHS.

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Brexit could be a threat to the NHS

30th March 2016

Jeremy Hunt says Brexit would be bad for the NHS.

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