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Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Smoking Articles


Tougher smoking and junk food rules needed in hospitals

1st February 2017

Calls for hospitals to promote healthy living by doing more to stop people smoking at hospitals.

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England smoking rates lowest on record

20th September 2016

Public Health England has said smoking rates in England on lower than ever.

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Hospital admissions attributable to smoking risen 5%

31st May 2016

Figures show a rise in hospital admissions attributable to smoking in the last ten years.

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Many go back to smoking after giving birth

16th March 2016

Research finds nearly half of women who quit smoking during pregnancy got back to it after the birth.

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Cold turkey to quit smoking

15th March 2016

Research shows going cold turkey is best way to quit.

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Plain packaging has cut smoking rates

29th February 2016

The Australian government says plain cigarette packaging is responsible for an estimated 25% drop in smoking.

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Films showing smoking should be rated

2nd February 2016

Governments urged by WHO to rate movies that portray tobacco use.

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Early menopause linked to smoking

17th December 2015

New research shows active and passive smoking is linked to an earlier menopause.

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Why do people become social smokers?

9th November 2015

Scientists may have discovered why people smoke when drinking alcohol.

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Regional differences in smoking in pregnancy

16th October 2015

Figures show a big regional difference in smoking during pregnancy.

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