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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Gynaecology Articles


Uterus transplant a 'success' in Sweden

18th September 2012

Doctors in Sweden have performed two uterine transplants in a bid to allow two women in their 30s to bear children.

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Bid to change law on early medical abortions

13th January 2011

A charity says women having an early medical abortion should be able to choose where they complete their treatment.

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New technique may transform gynaecological surgery

14th December 2010

Pioneering form of sterilisation can be performed as a ten-minute outpatient procedure.

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IUD delays uterine cancer

4th October 2010

Early trial findings suggest treatment with an IUD could halt or even reverse endometrial cancer.

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Sex education not good enough

23rd July 2010

Ofsted say PSHE lessons are not good enough in 25% of England's schools.

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No reason to challenge abortion limit

25th June 2010

UK doctors say there is no reason to challenge abortion limit as there is no evidence to show foetal pain before 24 weeks.

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Should parents be allowed to choose baby's sex?

26th May 2010

Stephen Wilkinson argues that it's time for the law to allow couples to choose baby's sex.

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Morning-after pill stash not effective

17th March 2010

Findings suggest advance provision of the morning-after pill had no impact on pregnancy rates.

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No evidence that acupuncture aids IVF

10th March 2010

Fertility experts say couples may be wasting their money on acupuncture to increase pregnancy chances through IVF.

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Period pain helped by acupuncture

23rd February 2010

Studies suggest acupuncture could perform better than painkillers like ibuprofen.

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