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Thursday 24th May 2018

Health Insurance Articles


Job cuts at health insurance provider

24th February 2014

Germany's largest health insurance provider is to cut 3,500 jobs.

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UnitedHealth profit slips

18th January 2013

UnitedHealth Group's fourth-quarter net income slipped 1% as costs rise.

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Bupa issues affordability warning

9th August 2012

Britain's health insurance industry is facing an "affordability crunch."

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Insurer extends cover ahead of decision

11th June 2012

The US' largest healthcare insurance provider will offer voluntarily some of the benefits required under Obama's disputed law.

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US drops long-term care finance plan

17th October 2011

The move is the first major amendment to President Obama's healthcare reform bill.

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Cancer patients can't afford treatment

7th June 2011

Even Americans with health insurance cannot afford the skyrocketing cost of the latest treatments.

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QA about affordable health insurance in the US

19th May 2010

The New York Times asks 'how will insurance be made more affordable'?

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Bupa to expand to India

30th April 2010

Bupa has joined Max India to launch Max Bupa Health Insurance.

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Health tourism crackdown

1st March 2010

Health tourists cost the NHS £5 million in unpaid bills every year.

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Genetic discrimination US ban

28th April 2008

The US Senate has voted for a bill which would ban discrimination on the basis of genetic details.

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