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Sunday 24th June 2018

Fitness Articles


Do fitness trackers really aid weight loss?

21st September 2016

Research suggests wearing an activity device does not appear to promote weight loss.

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Unfit teens triple diabetes risk

10th March 2016

Research finds poor physical fitness at a young age can triple risk of diabetes.

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Call for fitness tests at primary school

16th June 2015

Health campaigners say children at primary school should be tests for fitness as well as maths and English.

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Fitness apps could be harmful

15th April 2015

Leading GP suggests fitness apps don't improve health.

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Get fit for free

13th February 2015

Top fitness experts help you explore new ways and places to exercise.

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Take it easy in the gym

30th November 2012

Doctors warn fitness freaks could be working themselves into an early grave.

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Mid-life fitness could delay chronic disease

28th August 2012

Getting or staying fit at 50 can cut a person's chances of chronic disease at 65 and over.

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Tricks to keep you motivated

21st May 2012

Fitness experts say there are specific tricks that can keep you motivated.

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Exercisers taking fitness to the air

26th March 2012

Anti-gravity exercising could help relieve overused joints.

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Fidget your way to fitness

1st July 2011

A study suggests fidgeting can make you fit.

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