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Saturday 25th November 2017

Thyroid Articles


NHS overcharged for key drug

21st November 2017

Concordia overcharged the NHS by millions for a key thyroid treatment.

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Thyroid cancer on rise in Japanese children

8th January 2014

Deep concern has been raised about rising rates of thyroid cancer.

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Guidelines for thyroid treatment revised for pregnant women

15th August 2012

Guidelines have been revised for the treatment of thyroid-related medical issues before, during and after pregnancy.

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Thyroid cancer overtreated

17th August 2011

Researchers find some doctors may be too quick to treat thyroid cancer patients.

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Pregnant women should be screened for thyroid disease

4th May 2011

Czech researchers call for thyroid screening in all pregnant women.

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Thyroid drug boosts risk factor in older people

3rd May 2011

Medication may be increasing risk factors in the elderly.

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Too much or too little from thyroid is trouble

12th April 2011

The thyroid gland is essential to life, but too little or too much can cause problems.

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FDA approves thyroid drug

7th April 2011

Vandetanib, helped stall the disease's progression for an average of six months.

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Older people missing out on thyroid treatment

24th January 2011

A study suggests around 100,000 older people in the UK miss out on thyroid medicine.

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Nuclear tests link to thyroid cancer

21st September 2010

French researchers say Polynesians were exposed to doses of radiation that may have increased their risk in the wake of tests.

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