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Thursday 24th May 2018

Nhs Digital Articles


NHS data sharing deal with Home Office reviewed

15th November 2017

A report clearing NHS Digital to share patients’ private information with the Home Office has been called 'worrying'.

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Drive to improve e-nursing

22nd August 2017

NHS Digital has launched its first e-nursing week.

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False sense of security over cyber threat uncovered by NHS Digital

16th August 2017

NHS Digital's security operations lead told IT suppliers many NHS organisations had good cyber security polices but they were not effectively implemented.

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Data confidentiality row intensifies

26th October 2016

Two thirds of NHS Digital data releases included information about patients who had opted out.

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Levels of cleanliness lower natural resistance to bacteria

12th October 2016

Data from NHS Digital shows hospital admissions for allergic reactions in England has increased by more than a third in past five years.

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NHS Digital grapples with patient data breaches

26th September 2016

NHS Digital must contact thousands of patients to tell them their confidential information may have been shared.

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NHS staff urged to take responsibility for security

12th September 2016

NHS Digital have launched a new set of training and reporting services to improve security.

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