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Sunday 24th June 2018

Eye Articles


Nerf gun warning

19th September 2017

Doctors from a London eye hospital are warning that bullets from Nerf guns can cause serious eye injuries.

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Ebola detected in eye of US survivor

11th May 2015

A US doctor who recovered from Ebola has the virus in his eye.

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Medieval eye treatment could kill MRSA

31st March 2015

Experts say a 1,000 year-old treatment could hold key to killing superbugs.

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Tablet game combats lazy eye

4th March 2015

Ubisoft working on a game to combat lazy eye condition that can reduce vision.

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People left blind with poor eye care

14th November 2013

A charity warns people may be going blind because of lack of capacity at clinics.

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Eye surgery rationing

14th September 2012

Campaigners warn thousands of elderly left suffering because of 'cruel and random' eye surgery rationing.

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Eye tests too stringent for cataract patients

13th August 2012

Eye health bodies say over half health service trusts reject patients for cataract operations unless they fail strict vision tests.

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NICE boss in 'sue NHS' message

1st August 2012

The head of NICE has said patients should sue the NHS if it denies them the most cost effective drugs.

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Eye disease rising sharply in US

21st June 2012

A new report says eye diseases in US are on the rise.

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NHS rationing eye surgery

24th May 2012

Figures show cataract surgery is being restricted in some areas.

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