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Tuesday 16th July 2019

Cervical Cancer Articles


Women avoid smear tests because of embarrassment

22nd January 2018

Charity says young women avoid smear tests because they are embarrassed.

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Cervical cancer test introduced

5th July 2016

Following a successful pilot programme the NHS in England is introducing a 'superior' test for cervical cancer.

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New guide for cervical cancer

4th December 2014

New WHO guidance aims to help countries prevent and control cervical cancer.

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Call to lower age of cervical smears

1st May 2014

Sister of teenager who died from cervical cancer at 19 campaigns for age of test to be lowered.

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Bowel cancer screening warning

16th April 2014

Campaigners say bowel cancer screening uptake must improve in England.

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Pap test could be replaced

24th March 2014

Studies from a number of countries have found HPV tests are better than Pap tests for finding cervical cancer.

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HPV jab unlikely to be offered to 'at risk' women

18th March 2014

Research has shown women most likely to develop cervical cancer are least likely to be offered HPV vaccine.

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Is the end in sight for cervical cancer?

17th February 2014

A new therapy has been developed for women at high risk of cervical cancer by a Manchester university team.

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CIN3 treatment increases risk of cervical cancer

16th January 2014

New research suggests women who have been treated for abnormal cells on the cervix are more at risk of developing cervical cancer in old age.

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Over 50s urged not to skip smear tests

15th January 2014

Cancer Research UK warn women over 50 should not skip their smear tests.

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