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Thursday 27th October 2016

Anxiety Articles


Children's mental health has hit crisis point

14th September 2016

Survey finds a large increase in anxiety and stress in young people.

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More research needed for anxiety disorders

6th June 2016

Global study finds anxiety should be given more attention in mental health research.

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Third of pregnant women suffer depression

20th October 2015

A new survey finds many pregnant women struggle with depression and anxiety.

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Social media harming mental health of teenagers

17th September 2015

A study finds teenagers who engage with social media during the night could be damaging their sleep and increasing their risk of anxiety and depression.

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Do you suffer with anxiety?

24th August 2015

How to tell if you are suffering with anxiety.

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Ease the anxiety of going to the dentist

12th June 2015

Techniques and treatments that can ease your anxiety visit to the dentist.

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Mental health absences double among hospital staff

24th March 2015

Hospital staff absences due to mental health problems have doubled across England in past four years.

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Mayden awarded SBRI Healthcare bid

19th February 2015

Mayden awarded second-phase funding from the 2014 Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare bid.

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Depression more prevalent in military

22nd January 2015

A study suggests members of UK armed forces are more likely to develop anxiety and depression.

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Stress and anxiety for doctors under complaint

16th January 2015

A new study finds doctors going through complaints procedure suffer depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

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