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Saturday 26th May 2018

Shortage Articles


Patients at risk from nurse shortages

24th January 2017

Too few nurses caring for patients, putting people at serious risk.

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One in 20 nurse positions unfilled

12th November 2013

A Royal College of Nursing report claims there is a shortage of 20,000 nurses in the NHS.

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NHS could see chronic nurse shortage by 2016

18th June 2013

Workforce agency predicts a shortage of nurses by 2016.

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Midwife shortages risking lives

15th September 2011

Midwives say mothers and babies are at risk because of shortages.

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Junior doctors needed in NI

24th April 2008

The BMA has written to Northern Ireland's trusts asking them to address shortage of junior doctors.

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Consultants urgently needed

9th April 2008

Doctors' leaders say more hospital consultants are urgently needed to ensure quality of care.

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Global shortage of health workers

25th October 2007

There is a worldwide shortage of health workers to provide essential health interventions say WHO.

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US to face shortage of medics

10th July 2007

Declining funding means those who apply to train are turned away.

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Shortage of nurses in Africa

25th May 2007

Shortage of doctors and nurses in southern Africa means more die of HIV/AIDS unnecessarily.

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NHS staff shortage predicted

4th January 2007

NHS job cuts at trusts across England.

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