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Saturday 21st September 2019

Emergency Articles


Five consultants resign

18th February 2015

Concern raised at resignation of five consultants from emergency departments at two hospitals in Worcestershire.

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Concerns over care at Belfast Health Trust

26th June 2013

Patients have been recalled at the Belfast Health Trust over concerns about care received.

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More emergency surgeons needed

11th March 2013

Leading doctors warn over shortage of emergency surgeons.

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Conflict threatens Mali civilians

15th January 2013

Medicins San Frontieres has warned people are unable to get to hospital in areas under bombardment.

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Should drunks go to emergency rooms?

23rd November 2012

Study says with the help of a checklist ambulance staff should be able to reroute drunk patients to a detoxification centre.

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New York hospital evacuates during storm

30th October 2012

New York hospital had to move around 200 patients including babies in intensive care.

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Emergency services under pressure from nuisance calls

20th August 2012

Health officials reveal emergency services in Wales are under increasing pressure from nuisance 999 calls.

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Young rely on ER for mental health needs

25th October 2011

Child and adolescent mental health patients are increasingly falling back on emergency rooms for treatment, a study shows.

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Emergency surgery patients put at risk

29th September 2011

Leading surgeons say lives of non-cardiac NHS patients are put at risk by delays in treatment and poor care.

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Emergency Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

8th August 2011

This book offers essential information on emergency, trauma, and critical care in the popular, easy-to-learn, and enjoyable Incredibly Easy! format.

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