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Monday 23rd September 2019

Exercise Articles


Exercises if you have arthritis

15th December 2017

Expert says low-impact moves are ideal for somebody with arthritis or recently injured.

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Exercising could prevent elderly falls

10th November 2017

Study finds exercising regularly reduces risk of serious falls by 12% in people over 65.

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Exercise programme to help reduce concussion in rugby

18th May 2017

A University of Bath study suggests a 20-minute exercise programme for young rugby players could reduce concussion injuries.

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Exercise levels decline earlier than thought

14th March 2017

Study reveals children go off exercise around the age of seven.

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Keep active during old age

19th January 2017

Research suggests women who lead a sedentary lifestyle have faster-ageing cells.

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Impact of Pokemon Go 'short-lived'

14th December 2016

Exercise impact of Pokemon Go has been short-lived, according to research.

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Minimum recommended daily exercise should be increased

10th August 2016

New study found more exercise can drastically reduce person's risk of breast and bowel cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

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Exercise effective for knee damage

21st July 2016

Study claims exercise could be just as effective as surgery for knee damage.

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How much exercise is needed to lose weight?

7th July 2016

A study finds significant health benefits come from minimal exercise and more strenuous regimes.

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Benefits of walking and cycling outweigh negative effects of air pollution

6th May 2016

Results are even positive in cities such as Delhi and London, which have high levels of air pollution.

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