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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Junk Food Articles


Tougher smoking and junk food rules needed in hospitals

1st February 2017

Calls for hospitals to promote healthy living by doing more to stop people smoking at hospitals.

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Junk food ads aimed at children to be banned

8th December 2016

The Committee on Advertising Practice has announced new restrictions on unhealthy ads aimed at children.

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Tough action needed on junk food

3rd December 2015

Chief executive of NHS says we must clamp down on marketing and advertising of junk foods.

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Two week diet swap experiment reveals junk food harm

29th April 2015

Researchers conducted a two week diet swap with 20 volunteers in the US.

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Children bombarded with junk food ads

4th July 2014

Researchers say junk food making a 'startlingly' high number of appearances in children's TV.

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Junk food ads should be banned until 21:00

21st March 2014

Campaigners call for junk food ads to be banned during primetime family viewing.

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Asthma and eczema linked to junk food

15th January 2013

Scientists find junk food three times a week could lead to asthma and eczema in children.

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Junk food could give you dementia

30th August 2012

Evidence is growing that a bad diet may not just make you fat, but could also trigger Alzheimer's.

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Snacking more likely if you are tired

12th June 2012

New research suggests unhealthy foods are more appealing when we are tired.

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Junk food ads banned by Walt Disney

6th June 2012

Walt Disney has said it will ban junk food ads.

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