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Saturday 20th July 2019

Polio Articles


Countries switch to new polio vaccine

18th April 2016

Countries have begun switching to a new polio vaccine in 'milestone' towards eradicating the disease.

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Nigeria removed from polio-endemic list

30th September 2015

Polio is no longer endemic in Nigeria say the World Health Organisation.

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Polio outbreak in Ukraine

3rd September 2015

According to the World Health Organisation two children have been paralysed in polio outbreak.

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Double vaccines for polio could free world of disease

22nd August 2014

Research suggests double polio vaccine could speed up efforts to rid the world of the disease.

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Polio strain found in Brazil

24th June 2014

The WHO has said polio has been found at an international airport in Brazil, but no human cases found.

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WHO declares spread of polio a world health emergency

6th May 2014

The World Health Organisation has declared an international public health emergency over spread of polio.

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World now 80% polio free

28th March 2014

This certification comes after India announces three years without a new case of polio.

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First polio case in Kabul since 2001

11th February 2014

Three-year old girl diagnosed with polio in Kabul.

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Philippines children receive vaccines

28th November 2013

Children in the hardest hit city have been vaccinated against measles and polio in the first phase of a mass campaign.

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'Polio' risk from Europe

8th November 2013

Disease experts say Europe could be at risk from polio following outbreak in Syria.

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