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Sunday 27th May 2018

Gardasil Articles


Gardasil genetic fingerprints found

14th November 2012

Evidence shows viral components in Gardasil can lead to severe autoimmune disorders and even death.

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Vaccine does not make girls have sex

15th October 2012

Girls who receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination are no more likely have more sex, or riskier sex, than those who do not have it, a study shows.

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Gardasil blamed for teenager's death

27th September 2012

Parents of New Zealand teenager believe Gardasil was responsible for their daughter's death in 2009.

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Cervical cancer vaccine to be changed

25th November 2011

The DH has decided as from next year the vaccine Gardasil will be used.

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NHS news 18/2/11

18th February 2011

A round up of NHS news over past week.

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Doctors wouldn't use NHS jab on family

16th February 2011

A survey suggests nine out of 10 GPs would not give members of their family the NHS sexual health vaccine.

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Six-year program provides vaccine for country's entire eligible population of 12 – 18 year old girls and young women

5th May 2010

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One in four girls have HPV vaccine

10th October 2008

Federal health officials say one in four teen girls have been vaccinated against cervical cancer.

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Gardasil approved by FDA

15th September 2008

The FDA has announced that the vaccine Gardasil may be used to prevent some cancers.

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STDs rife among US teens

18th March 2008

More than one in four US teenage girls has at least one sexually transmitted disease.

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