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Sunday 27th May 2018

Football Articles


Footballers should be screened for asthma

8th December 2017

Study found one in 10 professional footballers could be affected by exercise-induced asthma.

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Call for research into heading a football

13th November 2017

Scientists say there is an urgent need for more research in link between heading a football and dementia.

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Heading a football could be a health hazard

11th November 2015

US Soccer Federation has announced has banned headers for under-11s in new guidelines.

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NHS could benefit from football managers

17th December 2012

Researchers believe the NHS could benefit from some skills deployed by top football managers.

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Muamba hopes to play football again

23rd April 2012

Fabrice Muamba hopes to play football again after his remarkable recovery from an unexplained cardiac arrest.

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Mancini calls for more medical screenings

21st March 2012

After the collapse of Muamba last Saturday, Roberto Mancini calls for two medical screenings a year for footballers.

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Muamba improving after cardiac arrest

20th March 2012

Footballer, Fabrice Muamba, is showing small signs of improvement after collapsing on Saturday.

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England team raise money for charity

18th June 2010

England squad raise money for cancer research, plus three other charities.

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Football beats jogging for women

6th October 2009

Football has the additional benefit of social interaction, a new study shows.

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Playing footie better than jogging

23rd August 2007

Sports scientists say playing football regularly is better for your fitness than jogging.

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