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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Sperm Articles


Zika remains in sperm for six months

15th August 2016

The Zika virus has been found in sperm six months after first symptoms.

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Sperm cells affected by weight

4th December 2015

Research in Denmark suggests a man's weight can affect sperm cells and could leave children predisposed to obesity.

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Men should freeze their sperm

25th June 2015

Scientists say men should freeze their sperm at 18.

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Wrong sperm used at fertility clinic

8th July 2014

A report says a fertility clinic used the wrong sperm and warns of too many mistakes being made.

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Older sperm donors same quality as young

30th June 2014

Women considering sperm, donors should not be put off by quality of older donors.

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Too much TV linked to low sperm count

5th February 2013

Men who exercise more have higher quality sperm than couch potatoes, a new study finds.

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Denmark sperm donor law tightened

26th September 2012

One donor is found to have passed on a rare genetic condition to at least 5 of the 43 babies he is thought to have fathered.

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Alcohol and smoking has 'little effect' on fertility

13th June 2012

Researchers in the UK say smoking, drinking and being obese has little effect on sperm count.

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Egg donors needed

5th April 2012

HFEA launching new drive to encourage egg and sperm donors.

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Ultrasound to testicles 'can stop sperm'

31st January 2012

A study on rats suggests a dose of ultrasound to the testicles can stop the production of sperm.

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