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Monday 23rd September 2019

Donor Articles


Newborn becomes youngest organ donor

23rd April 2015

Doctors carried out pioneering surgery on newborn baby who lived less than two hours.

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Stem cell donor found for leukaemia sufferer

22nd May 2014

60-day search for stem cell donor ends in success for young couple.

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Denmark sperm donor law tightened

26th September 2012

One donor is found to have passed on a rare genetic condition to at least 5 of the 43 babies he is thought to have fathered.

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Blood donor plea

8th May 2012

Welsh Blood Service officials say some areas of the country have only four days supply of blood.

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Bone marrow donor needed for baby girl

4th May 2012

Parents have just four months to find a bone marrow donor for their little girl.

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Donor campaign leads to record numbers joining register

13th April 2012

A record number of Asian people have joined a blood stem cell register after campaign to save policeman diagnosed with leukaemia.

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Egg donors needed

5th April 2012

HFEA launching new drive to encourage egg and sperm donors.

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Egg donor compensation set to triple

19th October 2011

Egg donors are set to receive £750 in a new payment arrangement by the UK fertility watchdog.

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The brain donors

11th October 2011

Twelve elderly people have chosen to donate their brains to neuroscience in a bid to increase understanding about dementia.

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Students should be allowed to sell kidneys

3rd August 2011

An academic says it's time to give kidney donors an incentive.

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