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Friday 23rd August 2019

China Articles


Six new bird flu cases reported in China

3rd April 2017

China reports six new H7N9 bird flu cases and one death.

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Bird flu deaths surge

15th February 2017

Government says H7N9 bird flu spread in China could be the worst on record.

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Eye lens regenerated in operation

10th March 2016

Pioneering procedure successfully treated children with cataracts in China.

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One in three in China will die from smoking

9th October 2015

Study says a third of all men under the age of 20 in China will die prematurely if they do not give up smoking.

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H7N9 claims two in China

19th January 2015

Local health officials confirm two die of H7N9 bird flu in Fujian.

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Psychotherapy in China

5th September 2014

Mao banned psychology in 1966, but now China is opening up to psychotherapy.

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Police in China detain six people in meat scandal

4th August 2014

Six executives of a meat company have been detained by police in China.

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Chinese city sealed off

1st August 2014

The Chinese city of Yumen has reportedly been sealed off after man dies of bubonic plague.

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Dozens placed in quarantine in China

23rd July 2014

State media say part of a city in north-west China sealed off after man died of bubonic plague.

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British GlaxoSmithKline executive accused in China probe

14th May 2014

Chinese authorities accuse British GSK executive of ordering staff to bribe hospital officials.

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