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Friday 23rd August 2019

China Articles


Hong Kong suspends poultry imports over bird flu

27th April 2012

Hong Kong suspended imports from Liaoning after confirmation of an outbreak of H5N1 bird flu.

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Technique rewrites addicts' memories

17th April 2012

Researchers in China have developed a new approach to traditional drug rehabilitation programmes.

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China to promote condoms

5th March 2012

China hopes to cap HIV/AIDS cases by promoting condom use among "high-risk" groups, although it is unclear whether plasma donors are included.

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Man dies of bird flu in southern China

24th January 2012

Authorities say no-one around him is showing symptoms of bird flu so far.

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China to probe 'immortality' herb

17th January 2012

The government will fund research into a herb that has already helped normalise irregular heartbeat.

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China calls for calm after bird flu death

3rd January 2012

Beijing health officials say the virus was not transmitted from human to human, making it less likely to form a pandemic strain.

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Soy products protect against lung cancer

22nd November 2011

A Chinese study showed a 23% decreased risk of getting lung cancer with regular consumption of tofu and soya milk, but only in non-smokers.

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Polio outbreak confirmed in China

21st September 2011

Polio has spread to China from Pakistan confirm WHO.

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Millions invested in China and India biotech drugs

20th September 2011

Chinese and Indian drug makers manufacture more than 80% of the active ingredients in drugs worldwide.

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Measles jab link to child death, illnesses

20th September 2011

Parents from across China are calling for compensation after their children fell ill, with at least one death reported.

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