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Monday 16th September 2019

Implant Articles


Mesh implant ops still taking place in Scotland

19th December 2016

Despite ministers recommending suspension of mesh implant operations, they are still being performed in Scotland.

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Brain implant helps paralysed man move his fingers

14th April 2016

Man, paralysed from the chest down, is able to move his fingers for first time in six years after a chip was implanted in his brain.

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Safety concerns over Essure implant

14th October 2015

A US study suggests implant poses a serious safety concern.

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Essure implant safe

5th October 2015

Women are being reassured that the Essure implant is safe despite concerns in the US.

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Youngest ever cochlear implant in the UK

8th April 2014

A baby has become the youngest in the UK to have cochlear implants.

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Dental implants not always necessary

7th October 2013

A new study suggests pricey dental implants are not always the best choice for diseased teeth.

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Brain implant could 'predict' seizures

2nd May 2013

A small study suggests a brain implant could predict epilepsy seizures.

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Things to know about breast implants

26th February 2013

The FDA has online tools available to help women with decision on getting breast implants.

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PIP compensation for women who paid by credit card

8th January 2013

Women who paid for faulty PIP breast implants using Lloyds TSB credit cards are to receive compensation.

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Eye implant hope

8th January 2013

Eye implant can improve sight of people suffering the 'dry' form of Age-related Macular Degeneration.

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