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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Implant Articles


Financial restructuring for PIP implant provider

22nd November 2012

No more compenstation for PIP implants as firm restructures.

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Tighter safety needed on medical implants

5th November 2012

MPs call for tighter safety of medical implants such as metal-on-metal hip replacements.

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Criticism over faulty implants progress

1st November 2012

The European Commission has been criticised over protecting patients from harm from medical implants.

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Implant for heart failure is trialled

23rd August 2012

A trial study is looking at whether a nerve-stimulating implant could help heart failure patients.

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Report says PIP implants are not toxic

19th June 2012

Final report has concluded that the material used in PIP breast implants does not cause a long-term threat to health.

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PIP implants three times more likely to rupture

18th April 2012

Leading surgeons warn faulty PIP implants are three times more likely to rupture than first thought.

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PIP implants blamed on death of baby

29th March 2012

Grieving mother blames death of baby on faulty PIP implants.

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Woman with PIP implants given refund

14th March 2012

Lloyds TSB has refunded £3,700 to woman who had PIP implants saying she was sold faulty goods.

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PIP firm boss jailed

7th March 2012

Jean-Claude Mas, boss of PIP firm has been jailed after not paying bail.

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Media accused of 'hyping up' PIP implant scare

29th February 2012

Private body in Scotland accuses the media of worrying people unnecessarily over the PIP breast implant scare.

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