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Thursday 21st September 2017

Alzheimers Articles


Alzheimer's breakthrough

2nd August 2017

According to a study, researchers believe iron may be to blame.

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Alzheimer's drug study shows promise

1st September 2016

Scientists say Alzheimer's drug study is showing some tantilising results.

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Help spot Alzheimer's early

22nd August 2016

Volunteers to help spot the early stages of Alzheimer's.

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Alzheimer's harder to diagnose in men

28th July 2016

Research finds Alzheimer's likely to be wrongly diagnosed in men.

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Symptoms of early on-set Alzheimer's disease

8th July 2016

Alzheimer's can develop in people as young as their 40s.

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People delay seeking dementia diagnosis

16th May 2016

Research by the Alzheimer's Society finds more than half of those seeking a dementia diagnosis delay going to their GPs.

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Protein injection may lessen Alzheimer's symptoms

19th April 2016

Promising early trials of injections of a natural protein may lessen symptoms and progression of Alzheimer's, say scientists.

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Alzheimer's affects women more than men

23rd March 2016

Research suggests Alzheimer's affects women more than men at the same stage of the disease.

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Loss of memory could be revived

17th March 2016

Scientists find memories lost to Alzheimer's could be retrieved by shining a light on damaged brain cells.

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Blueberries could help prevent Alzheimer's

14th March 2016

Scientists believe blueberries could be used to help tackle the brain disease.

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