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Sunday 22nd September 2019

Memory Articles


Regular exercise good for the brain

24th March 2016

A new study suggests exercising can knock a decade off the brain.

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Study into understanding mental decline

17th April 2015

A study finds genetic differences linked to individual's ability to process new information.

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45-minute power nap can boost memory

24th March 2015

Scientists found taking a 45-60 minute power nap has medical benefits specifically for positive effect on memory.

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Smoking 'damages' brain

16th February 2015

Research shows smoking may cause damage to part of the brain which is key for memory, thinking skills and language.

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Closing eyes helps memory recall

16th January 2015

Researchers suggest accuracy in recalling events is increased if we close our eyes.

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Key to learning is a lengthy nap

13th January 2015

Scientists say the key to learning and memory is regular naps.

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Antioxidants in green tea improve memory

16th September 2013

Green tea provides antioxidants that help improve memory, cognition and spatial awareness.

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Loss of deep sleep affects memory

29th January 2013

The part of the brain that facilitates deep sleep shrinks as people age, making it harder for them to store new information.

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Can brain pacemakers stave off Alzheimer's?

21st January 2013

Scientists are testing brain pacemakers for Alzheimer's.

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Over-the-counter allergy pills can cause memory problems

12th November 2012

Researchers claim allergy pills can hit memory of older people.

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