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Sunday 15th September 2019

Politics Articles


Party leaders urged to ensure NHS survival

5th June 2014

NHS trust chiefs have written to express their concern over the long-term future of NHS.

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Morning-after pill use rising

19th February 2013

Report says the number of US women using the morning-after pill has significantly risen in last decade.

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Spanish march against healthcare selloffs

15th January 2013

The 'white tide' marches in Madrid have continued into the New Year in protest at privatisation plans.

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US mental health system 'broken'

8th January 2013

Recent tragic shootings in Connecticut and Colorado have prompted calls for better access to mental health services.

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Australia rolls out plain cigarette packets

4th December 2012

Australia becomes the first country in the world to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes.

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Legal battle over medical marijuana

9th October 2012

Dispensaries in Los Angeles are being ordered to close, while the industry has fought back with multiple lawsuits.

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Labour commits to preserving NHS pay

4th October 2012

Labour has committed to preserving national pay and conditions.

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NHS Commissioning Board mandate to be shortened

27th September 2012

The HSJ has learned the government is preparing to significantly shorten its mandate to the Board.

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Political row over future of children's centres in Barnet

24th September 2012

A political row has erupted over future of children's centres in the London Borough of Barnet.

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China's healthcare system under strain

18th September 2012

Many ordinary people cannot afford healthcare, and the cost of medicines is kept artificially high by middlemen.

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