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Friday 25th May 2018

Cadbury Articles


Cadbury choc bar recall

17th September 2007

Cadbury apologised after having to recall chocolate bars that lacked nut allergy warning.

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Salmonella blamed on cuts

16th July 2007

A court is told Cadbury changed its quality-testing systems in order to save money.

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Salmonella charge for Cadbury

15th June 2007

Cadbury Schweppes to face a second set of charges over a salmonella outbreak.

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Finger points at Cadbury

26th July 2006

HPA says Cadbury's chocolate was most likely cause of the salmonella outbreak earlier this year.

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Cadbury updates testing

5th July 2006

Following the recent salmonella scare Cadbury is to update product testing.

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Cadbury salmonella scare probed

28th June 2006

A million chocolate bars are withdrawn as a precautionary measure.

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