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Sunday 24th June 2018

Pacemaker Articles


Grow your own pacemaker

17th July 2014

Pioneering experiments in pigs brings grow your own pacemakers a step closer.

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Brain pacemaker could treat anorexia

7th March 2013

Researchers find pacemaker in the brain could effectively treat anorexia sufferers.

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Pacemaker inventor dies

29th September 2011

Wilson Greatbatch dies aged 92.

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OCD treated with a 'pacemaker'

21st February 2011

Scientists say patients with OCD have been successfully treated with a 'pacemaker' inserted into the brain.

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Brain pacemaker for Parkinson's

29th April 2010

'Deep brain stimulation' is found to be more effective than surgery for treating Parkinson's.

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Pacemakers at risk from headphones

16th November 2009

Tiny magnets in headphones could cause pacemakers to malfunction.

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Five-day-old baby gets pacemaker

9th April 2008

Baby born with a serious heart condition is the youngest patient to have pacemaker fitted.

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Pacemaker to stop faints

9th January 2008

A London hopsital fits patient with a pacemaker to stop regular fainting in a world first.

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iPods interfere with pacemakers

11th May 2007

A study suggests that iPods can cause cardiac implantable pacemakers to malfunction.

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World's smallest pacemaker

8th May 2007

Young Katie Burke, fitted with the world's smallest pacemaker, is full of life.

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