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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Euthanasia Articles


Belgian MPs to vote on euthanasia for children

13th February 2014

Belgian MPs expected to vote on extending euthanisia law to include terminally-ill children.

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Tony Nicklinson has passed away

23rd August 2012

Locked-in syndrome sufferer has died after refusing food.

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Right-to-die bid lost

17th August 2012

High Court case lost by Tony Nicklinson.

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Decision due on right-to-die

16th August 2012

High Court decision due as to whether Tony Nicklinson's doctors will be free from prosecution if they help him to die.

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Suicide law campaigner takes own life

13th March 2012

Peter Goodwin was instrumental in winning for terminally ill patients the right to end their own lives with prescribed medication.

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GMC to publish guidance on suicide

16th December 2011

The GMC is to publish guidance on how to deal with complaints against doctors who may have assisted suicide.

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Cliff Richard would consider euthanasia

17th October 2011

Sir Cliff Richard has discussed his death with his family.

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Indian court rules on life support case

8th March 2011

The court has ruled that 'passive euthaniasia' is acceptable under carefully controlled circumstances.

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Switzerland mulls suicide controls

5th July 2010

New controls currently under debate may make it harder for foreigners to end their lives in Switzerland.

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German euthanasia ruling

25th June 2010

German court rules it is not a criminal offence to cut off the life support of a dying person if that person has given consent.

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