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Tuesday 17th January 2017

Flu Articles


Flu fighter infographic

6th November 2015

Flu fighter team produce good practice infographic.

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Universal flu vaccine a step closer

26th August 2015

Promising trials in animals means researchers are a closer to developing a flu vaccine.

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Some people have natural flu protection

15th June 2015

Research suggests half of people have natural defences against flu.

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Record number of flu hospitalisations

16th February 2015

US health officials report over 65s being hit the hardest by flu.

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Flu death rate in England and Wales a third higher

4th February 2015

Official figures show flu death rate is running one-third higher than its normal rate of this time of year.

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Flu at highest level for three years

9th January 2015

Official figures show flu is circulating at highest level for three years amid concerns over the effectiveness of the jab.

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Hospitals facing mounting pressure

12th December 2014

Health leaders warn hospitals across the UK are facing mounting pressures due to the winter months.

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Parents urged to take toddlers for flu jab

1st December 2014

The chief medical officer has urged parents to take their toddlers for the flu vaccination.

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What is the best way to avoid a cold?

18th November 2014

Top tips on how to avoid a cold this winter.

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Four-year-olds to be included in flu campaign

7th October 2014

Flu campaign to be offered to four-year-olds for the first time.

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