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Monday 23rd September 2019

Flu Articles


Should we be worried about Aussie flu?

9th January 2018

A strain of flu circulating this year is H3N2, dubbed Aussie flu because it's the same strain causing big problems in Australia.

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Aussie flu symptoms

5th January 2018

Nine symptoms to look out for.

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Sharp rise in flu hospital admissions

4th January 2018

Public Health England figures show a sharp rise in flu hospital admissions in England.

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Flu crisis could break backbone of NHS this winter

7th December 2017

Experts warn the worst flu crisis in 20 years could severely test the NHS.

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GPs to offer free flu vaccination

27th June 2017

NICE guidance highlights the need to educate eligible patients about having a flu vaccination.

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Vitamin D could stop colds

16th February 2017

Researchers claim vitamin D supplements could stop colds and flu.

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Sepsis warning

17th January 2017

Sepsis can easily be mistaken for influenza.

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Flu fighter infographic

6th November 2015

Flu fighter team produce good practice infographic.

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Universal flu vaccine a step closer

26th August 2015

Promising trials in animals means researchers are a closer to developing a flu vaccine.

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Some people have natural flu protection

15th June 2015

Research suggests half of people have natural defences against flu.

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