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Friday 23rd August 2019

Infections Articles


Cat bites could lead to hospitalisation

11th February 2014

New research indicates cat bites can cause serious infections especially if they involve the hand.

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Petting farm warning

25th June 2013

Public Health England are reminding people to make sure children wash their hands properly after visit to petting farms.

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Infection spreading in cystic fibrosis patients

3rd April 2013

UK researchers say cystic fibrosis bug can spread from patient to patient.

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Infection risk from bikini line waxing

19th March 2013

Researchers say people are at risk of infection from bikini line waxing.

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New guidelines for ear infection treatment

26th February 2013

New guidelines have been published in the US for identifying and treating an ear infection.

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'Biological alchemy' a 'clever and sophisticated' technique

18th January 2013

Study finds infectious bacteria performing 'biological alchemy' to transform parts of host body into those more suited for their purpose.

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Weight loss fights gut worms

18th January 2013

Weight loss is body's way of fighting off parasites.

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Breath test to detect lung infection

11th January 2013

A study suggests a simple breath test could diagnose lung infections.

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Children throat infections rising

22nd October 2012

A study shows an increase in children admitted to hospital with throat infections.

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Dirty dentists put patients at risk

8th October 2012

Research reveals one in nine dentists do not clean equipment and put patients at risk of infection.

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