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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Infections Articles


Study offers insight into sinus infections

13th September 2012

'Superpowered' bacteria could be the cause of chronic sinus infections.

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Infection danger posed by cats

5th September 2012

Figures show around 350,000 people a year become infected with toxoplasmosis.

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Tattoo ink linked to skin infections

28th August 2012

New studies show some tattoo ink could be contaminated before arriving at shop.

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Grandmother dies after misdiagnosis

29th June 2012

Doctor misdiagnoses kidney failure for a poverty-related infection called hookworm.

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Most child deaths preventable

11th May 2012

Experts say most child deaths around the world are from mainly preventable infections.

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Misdiagnoses leaves British composer in wheelchair

10th May 2012

Hospital misdiagnosed fractured spine as a urine infection leaving British composer in a wheelchair.

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One in six cancers caused by infection

9th May 2012

New estimates suggest one in six cancers worldwide are caused by largely treatable or preventable infections.

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HPA launch systems to spot Olympic infections

3rd May 2012

The HPA has launched two new systems to help spot new and emerging infections.

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Immune system 'altered' by body clock

17th February 2012

Researchers in the US believe the time of day is a factor in the risk of getting an infection.

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Taps source of infection at Belfast hospital

25th January 2012

The Northern Ireland health minister has confirmed that sink taps were the source of the infection responsible for the death of three babies.

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