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Friday 23rd August 2019

Infections Articles


No active infection for babies in Belfast

23rd January 2012

None of the 24 babies at Belfast's Royal Jubilee Maternity unit show signs of Pseudomonas.

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Infection kills two babies at Belfast hospital

20th January 2012

An outbreak of pseudomonas at the Royal Maternity Hospital in Belfast has killed two babies.

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Wound dressing glows to show infection

19th September 2011

A wound dressing has been developed that glows pink to indicate an infection is present.

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Festival goers given health warning

22nd June 2011

Expert warns crowds create an infection risk.

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Manuka honey could combat superbugs

13th April 2011

Scientists say manuka honey could be used to help fight hard-to-treat infections.

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Outbreak linked to lab

8th April 2011

Outbreak of bacterial infection in Alabama hospital linked to laboratory contamination.

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Nursing cuts will affect infection control

15th March 2011

Progress on tackling hospital infections in Scotland could come under threat with nursing cuts.

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Baby dies at maternity unit

7th March 2011

A premature baby has died after contracting an infection at hospital in Glasgow.

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Own hospital room does not cut infection

19th October 2010

Research shows giving patients their own room does not improve infection rates.

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Skin infection in maternity ward

18th October 2010

Maternity ward at Luton and Dunstable hospital sealed off due to staphylococcus aureus infection.

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