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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Policies/Guidelines Articles


Statins should be more widely available

25th March 2014

New NICE guidance recommends statins should be offered to people more widely.

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Medical students to benefit from new guidance

2nd August 2013

Medical students who have mental health problems to get more help.

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Simple test for bowel conditions recommended

5th June 2013

NICE publish draft guidance which recommends GPs use a simple test for bowel conditions.

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NICE issues behaviour guidelines to help parents

27th March 2013

Health watchdog's guidelines advise parents on how to spot potential conduct disorders.

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NHS hospitals could be paid extra

5th March 2013

New DH guidance shows NHS hospitals could be paid extra after other providers 'cherry pick' easier patients.

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Epilepsy to be fully coordinated

1st March 2013

NICE publish new quality standards on epilepsy care.

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NI abortion guidelines challenged

27th February 2013

Department of Health to be ordered by the High Court in Belfast to publish abortion guidelines.

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Controlled drugs regulation information

26th February 2013

Information on changes to controlled drugs regulations has been published.

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New guidelines for ear infection treatment

26th February 2013

New guidelines have been published in the US for identifying and treating an ear infection.

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Technology needed to win fake drugs war

26th February 2013

Fake and substandard drugs, especially for tuberculosis, are abundant in low- and middle-income countries.

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