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Monday 18th June 2018

Downs Syndrome Articles


Green tea could be used to treat brain issues

8th June 2016

Researchers say green tea could be used to treat brain issues caused by Down's Syndrome.

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Down's syndrome blood test praised

2nd April 2015

Researchers hail blood test for Down's syndrome in unborn children.

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Down's syndrome test availability criticised

15th July 2014

Test for Down's syndrome is still not available across the Welsh NHS despite guidelines issued six years ago saying it should be.

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New medical treatments for Down's syndrome a step closer

18th July 2013

US scientists say they are a step closer to treat disorders caused by an extra chromosome.

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New light shed on Down's Syndrome

28th May 2013

Progress following cell growth from cells from adults with Down's Syndrome.

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Down's Syndrome man to sue NHS

14th September 2012

'Do not resuscitate' put on notes without family's knowledge.

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New test for Down's

4th September 2012

New blood test developed that can detect Down's syndrome and lowers risk of miscarriage.

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Blood tests detect Down's Syndrome

24th February 2012

Prenatal blood test to detect Down's Syndrome.

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Blood test for Down's syndrome

7th March 2011

A safe way to test foetus for Down's syndrome.

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New DNA test for Down's

12th January 2011

New accurate blood test developed that could prevent pregnant women from having invasive tests.

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