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Thursday 19th April 2018

Prescription Charges Articles


Prescriptions to display how much contents cost taxpayers

2nd July 2015

New government plans will see prescription medication displaying how much their contents have cost.

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Call to abolish scrip charges

19th May 2014

Doctors say prescription charges in England should be abolished once and for all.

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Prescription charge in England to rise

12th March 2014

NHS prescription charges to rise 20p in April and again next year.

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Call for prescriptions to raise to £10

19th November 2013

Reform urges a raise in prescription charges from £7.85 to £10.

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Prescription charges to rise

4th March 2013

The government has announced a rise of 20p on prescriptions in England.

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Free prescriptions in Wales

2nd October 2012

Labour pledge for free prescriptions in Wales.

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NHS prescription fee rise

2nd April 2012

NHS prescriptions rise to £7.65.

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People in NI would pay for prescriptions

1st July 2011

A survey has found people in Northern Ireland are prepared to pay prescription charges.

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Scotland abolish prescription charges

1st April 2011

England is now the only part of the UK to still charge for prescriptions.

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Increase in NHS Prescription Charges

15th March 2011

Increase in NHS Prescription Charges from April 2011

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