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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Hrt Articles


HRT for elderly men

18th February 2016

Study suggest HRT for elderly men could boost their libido and improve their moods.

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One million women could benefit from HRT

12th November 2015

New guidelines from NICE seeks to reassure women about safety of HRT.

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HRT linked to clots

10th March 2015

Study finds women on HRT pills should be aware of link to increased risk of blood clots and possibly stroke.

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Raised risk of ovarian cancer from HRT

13th February 2015

A study shows an increased risk of ovarian cancer from hormone replacement therapy.

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HRT safe for women's hearts?

29th July 2014

A new study suggests HRT soon after menopause for a short time is safe for women's hearts.

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HRT could delay dementia

14th February 2013

A study suggests HRT could delay onset of Alzheimer's for millions of women.

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Can HRT reduce heart attack risk?

10th October 2012

A study published in the BMJ suggests women who take HRT could cut their risk of heart problems.

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Health scares can't be trusted

28th May 2012

A recent HRT scare is being re-evaluated.

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Breast cancer link to HRT 'flawed'

17th January 2012

Study which raised fears of risk of breast cancer from HRT treatment was 'fundamentally flawed'.

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Protection from aneurysms

5th May 2011

A new study says oestrogen pills could protect again aneurysm risks.

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