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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Patient Records Articles


Backlog of 'on hold' patients checked at trust

7th March 2018

Exemplar trust is reviewing 85,000 patients records after they were mistakenly left 'on hold'.

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Pioneering open source patient records project developed

17th February 2015

Three trusts combine to develop an open source patient records system.

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Doctors' poor handwriting highlighted

22nd May 2014

The CQC has pointed out that doctors' illegible handwriting could be putting patients at risk.

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GPs record access scaled back

23rd April 2014

DH rolls back pledge to give patients online access to their GP records.

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Atos wins contract to extract patient records

26th February 2014

MPs are told Atos have been given the contract to extract patient records from GP surgeries.

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iPad app for GPs

9th December 2013

iPad app developed by INPS to give GPs secure access to their Vision patient records.

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iPads on wards in Ipswich

2nd December 2013

Patient records accessed using iPads at Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust.

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Open access to patient records fears

29th November 2013

From next year, our medical records are likely to be seen by many more people.

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£1bn spent to improve NHS technology

4th September 2013

The government has said £1bn will be spent to improve NHS patients records.

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GPs concern over online records access

12th April 2013

Survey finds GPs are concerned that giving patients online access to their records will mean they have to spend more time with them.

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