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Thursday 19th September 2019

Pancreatic Cancer Articles


Potential signs of pancreatic cancer

1st November 2017

Charity says one in three adults ignore potential pancreatic cancer symptoms.

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Brushing teeth could protect against pancreatic cancer

20th April 2016

Scientists have discovered pancreatic cancer is linked to two types of bacteria which cause gum disease.

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Researchers discover how pancreatic cancer spreads

19th April 2016

Medical breakthrough could stop pancreatic cancer in its tracks.

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New knowledge on pancreatic cancer could lead to new treatments

25th February 2016

Scientists have discovered pancreatic cancer is at least four separate diseases.

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Blood test hope for pancreatic cancer

26th June 2015

Pancreatic cancer is on of the hardest tumours to detect and treat.

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Action needed on pancreatic cancer

10th September 2014

MPs call for action on pancreatic cancer, known as the 'silent killer'.

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NHS missed cancer 19 times

7th July 2014

Pancreatic cancer patient says the NHS missed her cancer despite 19 doctor and hospital visits.

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Cancer sufferers are living longer than they were in the 1970s

29th April 2014

Half of cancer sufferers in England and Wales have life-expectancies of ten years or more.

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Raise awareness of pancreatic cancer

26th November 2013

MPs urge professional bodies to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer.

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Pancreatic tumours may be treatable

30th April 2012

Cancer Research UK says aggressive pancreatic tumours could be treatable.

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