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Sunday 27th May 2018

Stem Cell Research Articles


Cancer killing cells made in lab

24th October 2014

Stem cells have been turned into killing machines to fight brain cancer.

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Stem cell success in cure for type 1 diabetes

13th October 2014

Researchers say they have taken a step towards finding a cure for type 1 diabetes which affects upwards of 3 million Americans.

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Japanese stem cell scientist found dead

6th August 2014

Scientist involved in stem cell scandal is found dead in an apparent suicide.

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Stem cell trial involving heart attack patients gets under way

21st February 2014

Stem cell study will involve 3,000 heart attack patients in 11 European countries.

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Stem cell research could lead to cure for blindness

22nd July 2013

Scientists in the UK say they have made a 'big leap' towards curing blindness.

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Grow a replacement tooth

13th March 2013

New research says growing your own replacement tooth could be a step closer.

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Nobel prize for stem cell work

9th October 2012

Stem cell researchers share the Nobel prize for medicine or physiology.

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Stem cell jab for arthritis could ease pain

11th July 2012

Experts say a injection of stem cells could one day help patients with osteoarthritis.

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Award for stem cell scientist

14th June 2012

A Japanese stem cell scientist has been awarded the Millennium Technology Prize.

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Bad breath influences stem cells

27th February 2012

Researchers in Japan harness stem cells from hydrogen sulphide to investigate converting them from human teeth into liver cells.

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