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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Rcgp Articles


Nurses to be trained to identify mental health symptoms

17th November 2015

The RCGP want health professionals to be formally trained in spotting mental health symptoms that relate to bullying.

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Royal College warn against seven-day access

1st October 2014

RCGP warn plans for seven-day access to GPs will unfairly raise patient expectations.

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GPs increase focus on youth mental health

20th January 2014

New statistics show 75% of adults with mental health problems will have presented symptoms by the age of 18.

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RCGP calls for 10,000 more GPs

7th January 2014

Chair of RCGP says more GPs are needed to cover seven days a week.

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Long-term ill need longer appointment times

23rd March 2010

RCGP says GPs want longer appointments with patients who have long-term, complex illnesses.

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Call for better depression treatment

22nd March 2010

Only 15% of 590 UK doctors said access to therapy within two months of referral is 'usually' possible.

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Minor ailments cost nearly £2bn a year

16th March 2010

A report says one fifth of GP visits are for everyday illnesses such as coughs and colds.

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RCGP to represent nurses

19th November 2008

RCGP boosting its membership by offering it to nurses, practice managers and physician assistants.

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Pilot accreditation alternative

30th January 2008

The RCGP to pilot a new system of accreditation for primary care providers.

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GP 'roadmap' revealed

14th September 2007

Move by the Royal College of General Practitioners to put patients 'centre stage'.

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