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Sunday 27th May 2018

Multiple Sclerosis Articles


Roche's MS medicine approved

12th January 2018

The EU have approved Roche's multiple sclerosis medicine, Ocrevus.

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MS discovery from paralysis

13th March 2017

Paralysis inspired scientist to crack how brain is repaired.

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Treatment can halt progression of MS

10th June 2016

Study suggests aggressive chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant can stop the progression of multiple sclerosis.

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Inherited MS gene found

2nd June 2016

A gene that causes a rare but inherited form of MS has been found by scientists.

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Woman with MS should be allowed to die

20th November 2015

A woman locked into the end stage of MS should be allowed to die says judge.

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Hope for MS sufferers

9th October 2015

First drug to slow progressive MS reported at conference.

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MS treatment should be offered earlier

30th September 2015

Charity says multiple sclerosis treatment should be offered earlier for people with the most common form.

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Experimental MS drug proved effective

28th September 2015

Roche has said its experimental MS drug has proved effective in final-stage clinical trial.

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Two common drugs could help treat MS

21st April 2015

Drugs used to treat athlete's foot and eczema may help treat multiple sclerosis say scientists.

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Suspected MS must be referred promptly

8th October 2014

NICE is urging GPs to refer patients with suspected MS promptly and for people living with disease to be reviewed regularly.

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