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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Europe Articles


All babies should be screened for heart defects

9th November 2017

Call for all babies in Europe to be routinely screened for heart defects within 24 hours of birth.

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Rise in HIV cases in over-50s

27th September 2017

According to a new study there is an increasing number of older people being diagnosed with HIV across Europe.

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Right-to-die case rejected

17th July 2015

European Court of Human Rights has rejected campaigners' bid to overturn the law on assisted dying.

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UK cancer survival rates 'shameful'

24th March 2015

UK's survival rates for cancer are a decade behind others in Europe.

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Branded tobacco packs banned in Ireland

10th March 2015

Ireland first in Europe to ban branded cigarette packets.

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Lack of exercise kills more than obesity

15th January 2015

A 12-year study suggests inactivity could be the cause of more deaths than obesity in Europe.

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Premature birth deaths high in UK

17th November 2014

The UK has one of the highest rates of premature birth deaths in Western Europe.

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European doctor numbers rise in UK

9th October 2014

The GMC says more doctors than ever are coming to Britain from Europe.

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Instagram for doctors to be launched

8th October 2014

Instagram app for doctors to be rolled out across western Europe.

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Cardiac death rates fall

21st August 2014

Study finds hearth disease and stroke death rates are falling across Europe.

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