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Thursday 24th August 2017

Europe Articles


Right-to-die case rejected

17th July 2015

European Court of Human Rights has rejected campaigners' bid to overturn the law on assisted dying.

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UK cancer survival rates 'shameful'

24th March 2015

UK's survival rates for cancer are a decade behind others in Europe.

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Branded tobacco packs banned in Ireland

10th March 2015

Ireland first in Europe to ban branded cigarette packets.

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Lack of exercise kills more than obesity

15th January 2015

A 12-year study suggests inactivity could be the cause of more deaths than obesity in Europe.

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Premature birth deaths high in UK

17th November 2014

The UK has one of the highest rates of premature birth deaths in Western Europe.

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European doctor numbers rise in UK

9th October 2014

The GMC says more doctors than ever are coming to Britain from Europe.

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Instagram for doctors to be launched

8th October 2014

Instagram app for doctors to be rolled out across western Europe.

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Cardiac death rates fall

21st August 2014

Study finds hearth disease and stroke death rates are falling across Europe.

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10,000 suicides linked to recession

12th June 2014

Figures suggest the recession in Europe and North America led to more than 10,000 extra suicides.

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Giraff robot for dementia sufferers trialled

27th May 2014

The GiraffPlus project for dementia patients, funded by the EU, is set to go into commercial production next year.

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