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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Dehydration Articles


Mild dehydration increases driver errors

20th April 2015

A study finds driving errors double due to mild dehydration.

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Care home residents dehydrated

16th January 2015

Study finds care home residents are five times more likely to be left thirsty.

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Elderly should drink more fluid

4th December 2014

Research says one in five older people in care homes don't drink enough fluid.

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NHS let down dehydration victim

13th July 2012

A campaigner says NHS has lost compassion which led to death of Kane Gorny.

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Why are patients at risk of dehydration?

24th February 2012

Survey reveals 800 deaths attributed to dehydration and 284 as a result of malnutrition in 2011.

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Four patients a day die from hunger

23rd January 2012

New figures suggest four patients a day die from hunger or thirst in hospital.

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Milk better than water at quenching thirst

19th August 2011

Scientists claim children should have a glass of milk to quench their thirst and not water.

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No evidence of benefit from drinking water

13th July 2011

GP argues advice on drinking six to eight glasses of water a day is nonsense.

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Dehydration causes many care home deaths

2nd February 2011

Statistics from the past five years shows more than 650 elderly care home residents have died of dehydration.

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