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Monday 23rd September 2019

Malnutrition Articles


Rise in malnutrition linked to obesity

14th June 2016

New research suggests malnutrition is being fuelled by obesity as well as starvation.

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Food poverty warning

22nd August 2014

Experts warn of malnutrition.

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Diseases from the Victorian era are on the rise

23rd July 2014

Experts warn of a rise in diseases traditionally associated with the Victorian era.

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Malnutirion has long-term affect on gut-bacteria

6th June 2014

Study suggests malnutrition damages gut's ability to extract nutrients from food and causes long-term affects.

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Researchers say nutrition needs to be a global priority

6th June 2013

Research published in the Lancet suggests malnutrition is responsible for 45% of global deaths of children under 5.

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Malnutrition rates in hospitals 'unacceptable'

5th March 2013

The DH is to increase number of unannounced inspections after report shows 1,165 people died from starvation over last four years.

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Why are patients at risk of dehydration?

24th February 2012

Survey reveals 800 deaths attributed to dehydration and 284 as a result of malnutrition in 2011.

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Four patients a day die from hunger

23rd January 2012

New figures suggest four patients a day die from hunger or thirst in hospital.

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High food prices boost starvation risk

3rd January 2012

Feeding people is cheaper than treating malnutrition and related health problems, new UN food chief says.

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Millions hit by drought in Afghanistan

22nd November 2011

Aid agencies are warning that children could soon be starving amid a huge shortfall in aid donations.

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