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Tuesday 16th July 2019

Child Abuse Articles


More than half a million children suffer cruelty

19th April 2013

The NSPCC claims more than 500,000 children in the UK suffer abuse or neglect.

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Warning over child psychological abuse

31st July 2012

The psychological abuse of children is common, but under-reported, new research from the US shows.

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Doctors to report child abuse

10th July 2012

New guidance by GMC to give doctors the confidence to report suspicions of child abuse.

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Rise in child-abuse cases amid hardship

6th February 2012

The number of children being admitted to hospital with abuse-linked injuries has risen since the economic downturn began.

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Identifying hidden abuse is key to early intervention

15th February 2011

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Children as young as five call ChildLine

16th August 2010

ChildLine receive over 100 drink and drug related calls each week from scared children.

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GP warns of smoking in the car

9th August 2010

A leading GP has said that smoking in cars in front of children 'is a form of child abuse'.

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Should ban on smacking children be enforced?

30th April 2010

Europe has outlawed smacking children but Britain 'still clings to physical punishment'.

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Child hospital care warning

13th March 2009

The Healthcare Commission warns NHS staff need better training in how to spot signs of child abuse.

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One million US infants maltreated

7th April 2008

US officials say one in every 43 infants are mistreated every year.

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