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Wednesday 17th July 2019

India Articles


Health concerns after reporter dies

2nd July 2012

The death of a young Indian photographer has sparked concerns over health hazards facing journalists on assignment.

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Conjoined twins successfully separated

22nd June 2012

Twins who were joined at the chest, have been successfully separated during a 12-hour operation.

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India's bid to stem medical brain drain

5th June 2012

The government's plans to force newly trained doctors to work in rural areas sparks controversy.

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Roche to make cheap cancer drugs in India

26th March 2012

Roche says it plans to offer cut-price cancer drugs to India via a joint venture.

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India ends Bayer cancer drug monopoly

19th March 2012

The Patent Office rules to allow the manufacture of a generic cancer drug.

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India needs academy for young scientists

29th February 2012

Young scientists in India need an academy.

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Use the Indian method to quit smoking

15th February 2012

Indian campaigners use musical lighter that cautions smokers with a death chant.

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New drug-resistant TB found in India

17th January 2012

Drug-resistant strains of TB have been reported for the first time in India.

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India polio free for one year

16th January 2012

India has recorded one year without polio cases.

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Anger over tests on Indian children

3rd January 2012

Secret trials were carried out on children and people with learning disabilities without their knowledge.

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