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Wednesday 17th July 2019

India Articles


Fasting holy man under probe

4th May 2010

Claims by a holy man who says he hasn't eaten or drunk for 65 years are being investigated.

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Leishmaniasis drug breakthrough

16th February 2010

Indian researchers say a single shot of a certain drug can treat deadly kala-azar fever.

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Asia's diabetes time bomb

3rd June 2009

Diabetes is becoming a global problem with more than 60% of all cases likely to occur in Asia.

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Indian drug sales suffer

13th May 2009

Economic downturn in the US has hurt the pharmaceutical export sector in the Indian economy.

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Heart disease hits Indians

6th May 2008

The disease is prevalent among much younger people than is common in developed countries.

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India's patent debate

4th April 2008

Parliament to debate a bill which would allow researchers to keep own patents.

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Antibiotic resistance growing

31st March 2008

Developing countries face a serious challenge with increasing resistance to existing antibiotics.

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HIV trials face obstacles

10th March 2008

Scientists warn developing countries face several challenges to conducting HIV prevention trials.

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India kidney thefts

31st January 2008

Police in India unearth a kidney theft ring.

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India bird flu fight hampered

22nd January 2008

Villagers at the centre of bird flu outbreak in India have been urged to stop dumping dead fowl.

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