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Saturday 20th July 2019

Healthy Living Articles


Tougher smoking and junk food rules needed in hospitals

1st February 2017

Calls for hospitals to promote healthy living by doing more to stop people smoking at hospitals.

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Sweets to be removed from Tesco checkouts

22nd May 2014

Tesco to remove sweets from checkouts in 'healthy choice' move.

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Job stress reduced by healthy living

14th May 2013

A new study shows a healthy lifestyle can reduce risk of job stress.

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Heart patients helped by healthy diet

7th December 2012

Patients with existing heart conditions are less likely to have another attack if they eat well, a study finds.

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Want healthy hair?

24th October 2012

Top 10 foods to help get health hair.

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Asthma sufferers putting lives at risk

10th April 2012

Charity estimates that 90% of asthma deaths could be preventable.

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Pills versus healthy living

15th March 2012

British people choose to take pills, rather than a healthier lifestyle.

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NICE to consider incentives to get people healthy

19th May 2010

NICE are to focus on whether possible financial incentives should be used to encourage people to be healthy.

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Lifespan increased by '14 years'

8th January 2008

Major study finds four key changes may add 14 years to your life regardless of how fat or poor.

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Healthy motivation?

9th August 2006

A new survey shows ignorance of link between cancer & obesity.

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