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Sunday 24th June 2018

Audit Commission Articles


More organisations are struggling financially within a generally healthy NHS, says report

20th September 2012

NHS financial year 2011/12' summarises the findings from the 2011/12 audit of primary care trust (PCT), NHS trust and strategic health authority (SHA) accounts.

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Axing Audit Commission will save more than thought

30th April 2012

Figures suggest the axing of the Audit Commission will save £650m.

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Financial fears as Audit Commission scrapped

20th August 2010

As the axe falls on the Audit Commission there is concern about the NHS losing control of financial management.

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Data quality criticised by Audit Commission

17th April 2009

An Audit Commission report shows that data quality is often not what it needs to be.

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LIFT schemes could be squeezed

2nd April 2009

The Audit Commission has ruled that most primary care buildings funded by PFI-style schemes should be moved onto NHS balance sheets.

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NHS told to manage finances better

2nd October 2008

The NHS in England is improving the way it handles finances, but patients deserve better.

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NHS reforms 'yet to deliver'

14th February 2008

A report from the Audit Commission says productivity has not risen greatly.

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Review shows region's NHS trusts in trouble

24th October 2007

Audit Commission of NHS finances revealed the Midlands has one of the highest level of health trusts in financial trouble.

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A third of NHS bodies still in trouble despite improvement

23rd October 2007

Audit Commission review of finances for 06/07 found 31% of Trusts and Primary Care Trusts failed to meet minimum requirements on use of resources

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NHS needs failure regime

29th July 2006

Audit Commission recommends accounting changes to ensure financial stability.

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